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  1. Joan – I don’t know you but I have you to thank for my daughter’s amazing last days at Hopewell House. Amy was only 48 – and died 61 days after her diagnosis of liver and pancreatic cancer. Our family has wonderful stories about our time at Hopewell – pizza for the boys, Amy’s dog sleeping over, friends and family coming and going – sharing their love and sorrow – the generous care of both volunteers and staff. Our story is both complex and simple – we lost everything Amy gave to us and two years later, are still dealing with grief. I know that Legacy is closing Hopewell at the end of the month. I have talked with a friend, a Legacy development person – and “get” why they are making the decision – but at the same time, know that Amy would never have received the care that she got in a hospital environment – Legacy’s solution. I hear that there are other people pushing against the loss of Hopewell – and I am one of them – but as connected as I am in the nonprofit world, I don’t know who to connect with – for 20 some years, I was the ED of Grantmakers Of Oregon and SW Washington – the membership association for the funders in Oregon and SW Washington – Can you help me get connected with other folks who are equally angry about Legacy’s decision? Everyone should experience a peaceful death – Amy was one of the lucky ones given our family resources – but that isn’t fair. We should all be offered the opportunity to die surrounded by caring hearts. jw


    1. Hi Joyce – I’m Joan’s son, Tom, and I edit this blog for Joan. She has read your beautiful note, and she wants to thank you. She also wants you to know that there’s a Friends of Hopewell House group that’s meeting this Saturday at 2 p.m. at the Hillsdale Library. Joan’s email is, if you’d like to contact her directly. We’ll try to post more information here on the blog.


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