Distancing Voluntarily

I hardly need to tell you, beyond what you’ll see here, how our lives have changed, how little we can plan for the future.

Hopewell House is still silent, but Friends of Hopewell House is alive and well, an amazing group, a corps of which meets weekly (now virtually), and will be ready when the time comes to resume where we left off. Legacy, until the virus hit, was getting ready to turn it over to us. You can go to our website at FHHPDX.org, and read our first newsletter, just out today, by CLICKING HERE.

It’s curious, being retired anyway, and not lacking in ways to carry on our lives, our inner lives and our lives together, without a great deal of new input, how we go on about our days, quietly and mostly full of hope.

The present “head” of government bears responsibility for thousands of deaths, continues to ignore this, and behave irresponsibly. Whether he will waken to that realization, and change, is another question. I am afraid he’s not capable of that.

Here’s how I started one day this week, in the beautiful clear dawn:

Leaving for the store at 6:55 a.m.
Leaving for the store at 6:55 a.m., I see the Kerria Japonica is half out by the turnaround.
unnamed (51)
At the end of the driveway, I get the pleasure of the beautiful cherry that Uncle Phil Joss planted in about 1945 when they built that house.
unnamed (52)
The sun is farther up when I return, hitting the Magnolia, which looks like this from Penridge Road.
unnamed (53)
And looks slightly different from down below on our driveway.
unnamed (54)
When I pull all the way in, our house is still not fully in the sun, but almost.

You can find many restful poems, meditations, and mantras in the collection I’ve been assembling called “Well-Being and Being Well.” It’s under my name at www.tcbuell.com, or I encourage you to open it by CLICKING HERE.


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