Return to Mexico

IMG_2023MANZANILLO, Nov. 12, 2018 — First: acknowledging that son Dexter and Sara Brown are right in the middle of their last of six performances of the very successful run of Great Falls, the Lee Blessing play they are premiering in New York City. Even from afar we can feel the excitement. (Ed. Note – The limited run of Great Falls has just wrapped up to much acclaim.)

IMG_2021These are the views from our balcony. We are chuckling over this strange old place: no wifi except in the lobby and then not free, ice is still not here though we called for it half an hour ago. Our bed is headed by a giant cockleshell which we’ve found will light up. But from our balcony here’s what you see. And we’re glad to be safely here.

We were walking along our corridor on the way to supper, then found the dining room was closed until 7, so we went back and ate leftovers and hard-boiled eggs from home and a PBJ sandwich.

Thanks to all for birthday messages! We had a good day.

image1 (4)Soon we head for Melaque, which may appear on maps as San Patricio. The home of our lifelong friend Stephen Bayne III is called Casa Tortuga, and it has a big turtle on the outside wall.

Hotter here today. Coming up to lunch a lot of people moiling around in the lobby, which is where I have to go to do wifi.

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