The Power of Positive Imagery

IMG_1904It’s exciting that James Allison has won the Nobel Prize in Medicine. His work in immunotherapy is crucial in proving to the world that the body has ways in itself to stay healthy, and beyond that, to destroy unhealthy tissue when that runs rampant.

What can the individual do with deliberate use of mental images to influence what the body is doing? (These pictures have no significance. They are just incidental, things I’ve enjoyed in the last few weeks.)image1 (3)

Learning more from Laney Coulter, who teaches loving kindness hypnosis, about how the subconscious can be influenced by events, and in turn influences events, I feel confirmed in my beginning understanding of how autoimmune disease and psychogenic disabilities function.

I probably won’t live long enough to see the widespread marrying of Allison’s immunotherapy with the use of mental imagery, but I am glad to know more about how it works.

IMG_1898Now we’re off on an adventure to the Canadian Rockies.

From getting our nice red car at 8:10 AM in Whitefish, Montana, along the Flathead River, Logan Pass closed, so around the bottom edge of Glacier Park and up the East side, to our Outpost Motel in Cardston, Alberta. They had a blizzard two days ago, unusually early, and we are very glad we missed it.

One very large dead black cow by the roadside. It must have been a whiteout where even she couldn’t be seen.IMG_1905

Not often you see such a sharp contrast within an hour, crossing the Continental Divide.

We learned that Cardston is the home of George Woolf, one of Seabiscuit’s main jockeys. There’s a statue at the Remington Carriage Museum behind the grocery store.

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