Summer Life on Top of the Hill

38814286_921145768073065_5985610820506091520_nWell, it worked. I’ve been pruning that Pink Star Magnolia for 20 minutes, and not a sign of a hornet. After we got the HALT! people in, the day before the wedding, to take out a BIG hornet’s nest, they’d started a new nest, busy as ever, just as angry when we went near. So last night at 3 a.m., I went out and sprayed Raid into the entry hole. Sorry hornets, but this is OUR croquet court, not yours. I’ll finish pruning later when the sun’s off it again.

Highs in the mid-90s for the next couple of days. We have several fans and use one in the evening to keep air moving in our sleeping room before bed. But breeze comes down through the woods all day. I slept fine downstairs before getting up to spray the hornets.

Looking through our collection of digitized photos for a picture of our friend Stephen Bayne’s Casa Tortuga, in Melaque, Mexico, and not being very adept at searching, I found a treasure – a picture of our great-grandson Noah, who is 4 1/2 now. And another one of him with other children in Westport, NY.38842019_921028568084785_5596218159053930496_n

Oh!! Young Tom in hockey gear. Tom Dad was coaching a league team jointly with Hank Bergman. Haven’t yet found Melaque.

38801315_921035974750711_3095374147019079680_nWe picked ripe figs from a branch overhanging a sidewalk and I made this fig tart, which I was trying to describe to someone the other day.38678675_921032118084430_6727412961708605440_n

I also found a copy of an article I wrote for Oncology Nursing Forum in 1980 about my experience volunteering at St. Christopher’s Hospice in London the year before. It’s posted on our website. You can read it by clicking HERE.

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2 thoughts on “Summer Life on Top of the Hill

  1. Hi, Joan, We are in Seal Harbor, Maine for three weeks glad to be missing the Portland heatwave! I am so glad the wedding was so sublime and also glad you may have triumphed over the hornets.

    We are due for a lemonade late August. Love, Sarah Newhall

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  2. Just rediscovered your blog and feel once again caught up with the Buells. What lovely flowers for a joy-filled wedding! So happy for both Toms.
    Have you found Karen Armstrongs autobiography The Spiral Staircase?
    Am rereading Barbara Kingsolvers lovely novel Produgal Summer. Do you know it? Huge hugs, Catherine


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