The Marriage of True Minds

image1 (1)It will be almost impossible to encompass the last few days in any description, series of photos, sounds. This was just one moment as Tom and Jamie were marrying each other. Their children were all there, their brothers and sisters, though only some of Jamie’s, and nieces and nephews, a few cousins. Noah and Lily, our great-grandchildren, stretched the age range to four and two. Tom and I had written what we planned to say. Tom and Jamie, not showing their vows to each other, had written very beautiful more-than-statements of their love and intentions.

weddingTJBoothAnd so the weekend is done. There were two evening parties, one Friday at Hester and Len’s, one after the wedding at Jamie and Tom’s. We provided a wedding lunch, and Eve Epstein and Ron Burian hosted a brunch on Sunday.

The flowers Virginia Maxam and I arranged continue to bloom, the lilies open, Emily and the children are back in Brooklyn.



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