Off to Chicago!

MONDAY — Good morning from the new St. Paul-Minneapolis train station! I’m having my first cup of coffee looking out across the river at the about-to-be sunrise. We will only be here for 20 minutes, and then on to Chicago.

We’re headed there for six nights, just because we’ve never spent time in Chicago. Have two opera performances and one play — all matinees. (There’s the sunrise – 7:33 a.m.) And lots of plans to relax, go to art museums, take the architectural tour by boat, and do things friends have said “you MUST do!”

Once you come all the way from Oregon, Minneapolis feels very close to Chicago, so of course I wish our Minneapolis friends could come down and spend a day or two with us, but I realize that is outlandish. But it’s a nice thought anyway.

22310694_756645014523142_4656387037384516754_nLast time we came this way, a year ago, the peaks in Glacier Park must have been partly covered in cloud, because we don’t remember this brilliance. They are tired in Havre, MT of having people pronounce their name wrong, so they’ve made a large sign near the station that says “HAVE-er”.

This being 85 and 90 is weird, and the wobbling and jerking of the train presents real hazards, but we’re managing. They bring your meals so you don’t have to struggle to the dining car. And this time we got two roomettes, right opposite each other, instead of the “handicapped” compartment, which means we both have lower berths. That is a great relief to me, since I had been the one climbing up to the tiny upper berth.image2 (1)

Will go get Tom some coffee. He is just up and has come across to join me in my little cubicle.

TUESDAY — Happily eating supper in Room 329 at our handy Best Western in Chicago. And it started POURing about a half an hour after we arrived. People so helpful. Red cap took us on his mechanized cart all the way out to the sidewalk taxi stand from Union station.

22310702_757363141117996_2947318342541092400_nWEDNESDAY — A morning at the Art Institute. The Frank Lloyd Wright windows were next to the elevator. They’re a contrast to the color and life in all those beloved paintings: Seurat, Van Gogh, Monet…they were all in it together. And Balzac with a great tummy as Rodin saw him in this one.

Below a slideshow with  more pictures.

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