Upheavals and Changes

I think it’s called “with a heavy heart” that I cancelled today our long-planned fall and IMG_0063winter trip by train and ship to Australia and New Zealand. It was going to be a stretch even in the best of circumstances, and now it would be impossible. But Tom and I will talk over other possibilities when the time is right. Now, we’ll concentrate on getting him healed and walking again. Hester, Julia and Hannah came and sang for him yesterday. I’ll ask Tommy to post this, just to let people know how grateful we are for friends’ support.

image1 (64)Tom has been in Good Samaritan Hospital in Portland for one week. A sore on his right pinky toe turned angry, and it had to be amputated a week ago. He has been in good spirits, but his recovery has been hampered by limited blood supply to his legs and feet. He is, after all, 89 years old, 90 in August.

We hope he will be going into a skilled nursing facility for a week or so of therapy so he can come home and resume a normal, albeit revised, life.

Thank you for notes and healing thoughts! Over the weekend I came home to shower, do laundry, and sleep. I was for the first time reassured that Tom wasn’t in a life-threatening situation. It looks as though the blood vessels in the leg are going to be sufficient to heal the wound caused by the removal of the toe.

The vascular surgeon has decided not go in to clear up the clogged places, feeling that the healing is proceeding alright on its own. And then soon, maybe tomorrow, we head for a rehab center somewhere for we hope less than a week. The goal is to get home with hospital bed and walker, and a chair that helps him get up and sit down.

Hester spent the night Saturday night. We’ve been trading off. At first it was because Tom was sometimes confused, and also moved to standing faster than the bed alarm could alert staff. So things are looking up.

image1 (62)Discovered yesterday that the sculpture in the beautiful chapel at Good Samaritan where we are is called “Corpus” and is by Fred Littmann. That chapel was being planned when we were first planning Hospice/Hopewell House in the eighties.

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