The New Year, New and Old Friends

This serves as our Christmas and New Year, Martin Luther King and Valentine’s Day card, all celebrations of renewal and hope. We thank you who sent cards by mail.

img_0626There was snow on the ground. The light coming in the windows was brilliant as Hester, Dexter and Tom sang “The Parting Glass” at the end of our New Year’s Day lunch, and the sun came out. The Clancy Brothers have been part of our singing life since we can remember. It’s not often we’re all in one place.

I’m sure part of the intensity of these weeks has been due to the imminence of Barack Obama’s departure from the Presidency. We are isolated by the snow and ice. We feel ourselves and the American community in some danger from the incoming president and his way of doing things.

But we go on cooking meals, watching football games on TV, often watching Westerns in the evening. Identifying actors has become a game. We exercise at LA Fitness four or five times a week, and we go to bed early!

15871602_629792527208392_4273089383942703071_nI find myself wanting to strengthen the ties between old friends, family members, hold onto each other “for dear life,” and vow not to allow ourselves, as Meryl Streep said so beautifully the other night, to be bullied. That means at the same time we revel in relationships close at hand, we somehow encompass those driven out of their homes, robbed of their safety, and left without hope.

Short of giving up, we can only keep speaking up. I wonder if the Women’s Marches all over the country this month will be listened to. I hope so. We plan to be part of the one in Portland, four generations of us.

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