And Home Again

tcbjsbhomeTo Fort Lauderdale where the Ramada Inn had kept safe in the Lost and Found the sandals I’d left there in October.

Across the country by train, four nights in sleeper cars via changes in Washington DC and Chicago.

These Amish elders, with whom we shared the Metropolitan Lounge between trains in Chicago, seemed to use the time for serious discussion.

Long miles across North Dakota and Montana in the snow. The sun so far in the south, our train made a shadow even at mid-day.

Right to our own doorstep. And our own snowstorm.

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2 thoughts on “And Home Again

  1. Oh the last line of your journey’s journal (“… And our own snowstorm”) was perfect. (I had heard MUCH about that big storm from other family ….). And then the photo at the Portland train station – familiar doors, familiar travellers. Welcome HOME!



  2. Hi! I replied on the blog but now I see I can “reply” this way too. Mainly wanted to say how much I love the arrival at the Portland Train Station photo! !!!

    WELCOME HOME! Home Sweet Home (even with the snowstorm!)

    xx Margaret



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