Another Family Rendezvous in Athens

nov-misc-joan-and-tom-00820 November, 2016

Just getting ready to turn out the light after this wonderful day in Athens with cousin Margaret and her husband George Stathapoulos. We did use the wheelchair we’ve rented from the ship to go the endless yards of pier and terminal, leaving and returning. Stowed it in the trunk while we were with them. They pulled up just as we emerged at 10:30.

George and Tom

Athens is very different than it was in 1978. The air is smogless. The traffic moves, at least on a Saturday, in reasonable ways. Trees line boulevards, and there is not only the magnificent 1896 stadium but also the whole complex that was built for the 2004 Olympics.

Margaret and George’s street is quiet with pretty trees, and from their fourth floor apartment, filled with sun and with art work, including a piece of Tom’s, you can see all across the city and to Mt. Hypettos and Mt. Pendeli beyond.

We steam all day tomorrow, down from Piraeus and during the night across to Valletta on img_1619Malta: these places we’ve heard about all our lives, specially during the 1939-45 war, but never seen. It’s supposed to be rough weather tomorrow, nice again the next day. Thank goodness my sea-sick years are over! I used to have to be at the helm on a sailboat or I’d be endlessly sick. That ended when I was in my fifties. Wonderful being able to have these glimpses of past, present  and future. Margaret had just gotten a sweet video of Lily which I could look at on her laptop while she was getting lunch on the table.

One world, even though we are going through a rough time right now! My journal, with daily segments from the Times Digest we get aboard every day, will be an archive of a society in torment.  Hope, love and work….my mantra for the next years.

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