And Preparing for the Journey Home

After nearly three weeks in the East, we are getting ready to take the train home again.

13886388_10210454710028452_1546468874785604465_nGriffin Buell and Heather Tauck were married in Ithaca the weekend of August 30-31 and it all went off beautifully.

Before that we spent a week at the family’s new place in Westport, NY, just up the hill from Lake Champlain, with a nice view from the back terrace of the Green Mountains of Vermont in the distance. (More photos in the slideshow at the bottom of this post.)

Dexter and Clara have chosen china and bedding that have rich colors. It really is lovely. The paint all seems new and is in pale, good colors. On one of the first mornings I said, “I just can’t get enough of it!”

All those years as a girl in the summers we didn’t go west to Oregon from Pomfret, we often came to the Adirondacks, staying with the Lefferts in Keene Valley or at “camp,” their place at the far end of the Upper Ausable Lake. It was reached by a long row up the Lower Lake, a mile-long carry, and then an equally long canoe journey. So the feeling of familiarity in this terrain is very strong for me, and infinitely pleasant.

image1 (38)Tom found the umbrella at the pharmacy and the table at the hardware store in E-town (Elizabethtown, NY). He kept saying, “I can’t tell you how I admire you!” as I did the assembling, while I muttered “Easy for young Archimedes!” I had to lie the tabletop upside down on a blanket to be able to do it, and besides found that one of the corner receptacles was mid-located. But managed to make it work.

FullSizeRender (6)Unlikely as it may seem, these four oldest friends did manage to convene in Essex NY on July 26 2016. Anne Wanzer and Joan go back to European Smith Chamber singer tour of summer 1952.

It was a happy lunch in the restaurant near the ferry dock. Sidney and Tom had become friends years ago when the Wanzers lived in Concord MA and Peacham NH.

On the way home, we got the outdoor chairs and wicker stools we had been looking for. (the other four chairs were delivered that evening by truck to the Westport House.)

image1 (33)After the wedding weekend we returned to Westport with Tommo, Hester and Len, and Dexter, Clyde and Clara, who managed to fit all the parts of the family into their lives, for which we thank them!

We’ve gotten to know some people in Westport, neighbors who have been genuinely welcoming, Janice at Everybody’s Market, Bruce and Carol Ware who run Ernie’s Market where I go every day to get the paper.

Several friends, including the Wanzers, Catherine Nichols and Robert Borden, managed to come over on the Charlotte-Essex ferry to see us. Paul and Lelia Matthews came for lunch from Keene, where we had all visited them last week. Billy Buell and Cheryl with their sweet dogs, Maisie and Pinto, came up from NYC for two nights.

IMG_1364We set off from Westport on the return journey on the 11th, seeing a cousin (Just had a wonderful few hours with Deb Roberts (left), some of it up at Putney which she’d heard about but never seen. Lunch picnic in our room in Brattleboro. My Uncle Russell’s daughter, drove over from Jaffrey), niece Jewell Greco and her daughter Zoe (see pictures in slideshow below), and friends on the way down to Easthampton and thence to Albany for the train on Sunday eve.

It has been a remarkable time, and all turned out as we’d hoped.

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(This post was assembled by TCBuell, Jr. from emails and text messages from JSB along the way.)