New Beginnings

image1 (19)This Akebia vine would overtake me if I sat here a few hours in the sun.

Its tendrils already twine around the legs of the rocking-chair I sit in. It’s not hard to imagine its quivering is not only the breeze but actually its growing, minute by minute.

And this small being, Lily Alice Bellos, came into the world in a rush, not to be held back another minute, last evening a little after seven.

And there she is, already pondering where she is, having her first thoughts, safe on her daddy’s chest.image2 (6)

The next day: I visited her this morning. Alex had spent the night with Em and Lily in the hospital. Noah was with Alex’s mother, Debra. Hester and Len are cooking them supper at their house tonight, and Noah asked please that Lily come up while he had his bath before bed. Good to keep an eye on things.

We welcome her.

(March 30, 2016)

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