Last Mainland Port – San Diego

The air is gentle this morning as we dock in San Diego, a morning star bright as we enter the channel. No coffee and rolls on deck as there was yesterday, maybe because it’s so early?

The two speakers we have aboard, Melvyn Foster, a maritime historian, and Charles Urbanowicz, an anthropologist, are very good. We’ve learned a lot already about the area, stuff we knew once but that it’s good to have refreshed.

We’re docked right next to the Maritime Museum on one side and Norwegian Sun on the other, one of those ships with gross decorations on her bow that we cluck about when we see her going out Admiralty Inlet. Sun just breaking over the tops of the tall downtown buildings.

The entertainment director hasn’t been able to get me permission to use a piano, though he insists he tried. Think I’ll get Tom to ship us the four-octave keyboard we have at home. It should get there in time to meet us in Honolulu, if he ships it today or tomorrow. I’m waiting for the Front Desk to get me the address of the Port Agent.

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