First Full Day at Sea

Waking early our first morning at sea, I came to the Upper Promenade deck with my music to find a piano to practice on. Usually on other ships I’ve had a choice of several to choose from, but here sadly I found both locked. Never mind. Perhaps I can get permission to have a key.

moonrise cruiseThe full moon was still there in the sky ready to set as the dawn broke on our Port side.

We had had a brilliant departure from Seattle. Tom and Mary had brought us Saturday from Portland, unloaded our heavy baggage into Jeanie Walkinshaw’s “elevator” (left from the days of Walt’s wheelchair) and gone on their way to Hansville. Sunday morning, Jean delivered us to Pier 91, cleverly spotting our route where “Cruise Passengers” separates from “Pier 91” with no warning, We use a wheelchair for Tom at embarkation as the ramps are long and sometimes steep, so we whisked on among the first to board at 11:30, passports and online check-in documents all in order.

The boat drill now doesn’t require you actually to wear your life jacket, and an officer seeing Tom’s cane allowed us to sit in the group at Boat 10  while he went and told the crew at Boat 8 where we belonged that we were present and accounted for.

Departure from Seattle is probably one of the most beautiful in the world. Mt. Rainier presides over the first half hour, and then you are alongside Whidbey Island with Mt. Baker to the north, much the same as the view from our house in Hansville.

Re-reading May Sarton’s Kinds of Love, I’m struck at how apt it is and close to our time of life and my perceptions of relationships. We both feel lucky and terribly grateful.

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